MADE ISS Show 2024

MADE ISS Show 2024

       The 90s are back at MADE! Last month MADE went to the Impressions Expo in Long Beach and we brought the 90s with us. The Impressions Expo showcases new technology and techniques in the apparel industry. From blanks, embroidery, printing, and sublimation, the Impressions Expo in Long Beach is the perfect convention to see what’s new in decorated apparel and connect with industry professionals. 

        We are going to give a behind the scenes look at how we redesigned the interior of our Impressions booth to mirror our latest photoshoot. We created a few modified MADE logo stickers to add to our own MADE soda and ranch bottles. We also gave away MADE posters with images from our latest shoot. Joem from @joemsjunk helped us decorate the inside of our booth with cool items from his collection like an authentic Chuck E. Cheese head and a Shrek keyboard. For the back of our booth, we installed faux brick walls from Home Depot, and then we wheat-pasted the photos from our last shoot. We also spray painted our MADE logo in the center of the back wall. All these details came together so everyone who visited our booth could experience stepping back into the 90s. 

       The Impressions Expo in Long Beach is one of our favorite shows and we love getting the opportunity to meet with our customers and show off our new blanks in-person. We really want to thank everyone who visited our booth, and we’d also like to give another shout out to Joem for helping us make our booth look incredible! Be sure to check out his instagram: @joemsjunk and catch us next year at the Impressions Expo in Long Beach!


Written by: Jessica Egizii

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