MADE Custom Dye Program

MADE Custom Dye Program

MADE is here to support entrepreneurs in making their dreams a reality. Our custom dye program takes our quality Ready to Dye blanks and, working with talented local dye houses, we make your vision come to life. We can dye anything you want, so we encourage creativity and imagination. This is how MADE’s custom dye program gets the perfect color and wash every time.

Our Ready to Dye blanks are specially designed and meticulously manufactured down to how we source our cotton. Our Ready to Dye garments are finished with cotton stitching which allows the threads to dye the same color as the fabric. The dye machines and washes can be very turbulent, so there’s also stitching reinforcements in the hoodie to ensure the best results. From our durable and modern Recess Hoodie, to our classic Major Tee, we have many Ready to Dye garments to choose from.

MADE works hand-in hand with the best local dye houses in LA to ensure that all of our blanks have the highest quality color and wash. We want to highlight the incredible work that these local dye houses do and show you what goes into the dying process with a behind the scenes look inside their facilities.

The process of dying garments has been around since 34,000 BC, starting with dyed flax fibers found in a prehistoric cave. Historically, dyes come from plants, minerals, and insects, but the dye process has come a long way since then. Today, our garments are dyed using a Rotary Garment Dyeing Machine. A rotating cylinder helps to control the amount of dye being used and ensures that multiple garments are dyed evenly. This Garment Dye Machine was made in Korea in 1986 and is still in use giving MADE’s blanks their color today.    


On top of getting the perfect color, the dye houses we work with can also do a variety of washes. For a tie-dye design, each shirt is dyed by hand. First, the shirts are folded to get the desired pattern, and then dye is poured onto the garment one by one.

For an acid wash, garments are placed inside a machine with salt cubes for 5 minutes. Then, they are pulled out using a prod to reveal the new washed appearance. To achieve a cracked acid wash look, shirts are then carefully folded individually.

Other methods we can accommodate with our custom dye program, is a spray dye or a dip dye, where each garment is dipped manually using a Dip Dye Machine. We can also do a distressed look, which is achieved by using a bench grinder on the chosen garment.

After the garments are dyed, they go through the garment dryer to remove the excess water from the clothes.

Our custom dye program is dedicated to realizing your vision and, by teaming up with incredible local dye houses, we are able to help you get your own quality custom dyed blanks.
Here’s how to use MADE’s custom dye program in 5 easy steps!

Step 1: Choose Your Color and Wash
We have lots of example colors to choose from and, if you don’t see the color you’re looking for, we can do most Pantone C and TCX color codes. To use a color pathway or unique wash that isn't on our site, you can put the Pantone C code or the preferred wash in the Custom Color box when filling out our custom dye from. You can also go to our Exclusive Colorway Collection to see examples of our dyed blanks.

Step 2: Choose Your Style
Choose your style from a selection of our styles we carry in Ready to Dye. From the specific cotton we source to the stitching details, these are garments specially designed to take dye/ wash.

Step 3: Fill out the Form
After you choose your style and color, you can pick your size quantities. We have a minimum order quantity of 120 units per color/per style.

Step 4 Confirm Your Quote
After you’ve filled out the custom dye form, we will email you back with a quote and confirmation. Once approved, we will process payment and send your order to the amazing local dye houses we work with.

When doing a bulk order, we always do a first sample of each color to make sure we get color approval before doing the rest of the bulk. We can always send a photo or ship out the first color sample to receive approval.

After the color is approved, the dye house uses various carefully crafted methods to dye the clothes by hand. The usual turnaround time is 2-3 weeks and, when production is completed, the order is counted and QC’d and we’ll reach back out via email.

Step 5: Receive Your Blanks
The last step is to receive your quality blanks that have been dyed the perfect shade by hand!
The LA dye houses we work with have been in the game for a long time and put a lot of care into the dye process, which shows with the quality of the results.

We are constantly designing new colorways, washes, and styles to add to the custom dye program, so be sure to look out for incoming styles and colorways by subscribing to our email newsletter.


Written by: Jessica Egizii

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